Finishing Oils

Hand-picking olives in the olive groves

Hand-picking olives in the olive groves

Our range of extra virgin olive oils includes regional varieties and styles: from light and fruity oils from Southern Spain to big peppery oils from Southern Italy.

Fresh Olives

Fresh Olives

We have single varietal olive oils including Taggiasca, Coratina and and Arbequina. Our Early Harvest Arbequina comes from our own groves in the region of Los Garrigues, an area that has been awarded the Denominacion de Origen, guaranteeing the highest quality.

As the name suggests, the olives are hand picked a couple of weeks prior to the main harvest in November, and taken immediately to the mill, separated from their leaves and twigs, washed and then ground into a paste. A unique combination of old stone crushing and modern machinery ensures that olives are cold pressed at a temperature no greater than 30oC. The unfiltered oil is packaged as soon as it is pressed to preserve the fresh taste and fragrances of the newly harvested crop.

Our Premier Choix is a special blend of co-operative oils, made from Picholine, Berugette, Grossane, Salonenque and Beldi olives in Provence. The oil is medium bodied, with a pronounced fruitiness and is ideal for drizzling over grilled vegetables or for use in marinades.

The olive oil mill, where olives are crushed

The oil mill

Try our Gaziello Mosto Naturale – made from Taggiasca olives that grow on the rugged coastal hillsides of Liguria in the north-western corner of Italy.

Extra virgin olive oil

Freshly made olive oil

The olives are harvested in September and October and are traditionally stone ground and cold pressed in Ventimiglia, using methods passed down through four generations of the Gaziello family. Mosto is a delicate, unfiltered, golden oil with an aroma of green grass.